18th January 2022 Seminar

Seminar Theme – “And there’s more” – following on from our successful October seminar when we looked at people processes and systems we continue with that theme given how relevant it is and we will hear from members and suppliers on how we can manage some of these issues and provide solutions. 

1Welcome & Agenda Russell Thompson (Chair) 
2Recruitment – Challenging convention to recruit our next generation of trades and engineers Liane Sheppard – LiveWest 
3Managing through the Perfect Storm – How are we managing outstanding repairs, work in progress, high demand and upward trends, alongside the recruitment market and material prices Steve Kirk – Citizen Housing  Jonathan Fletcher – Karbon Homes  Stacey Baldwin – PfP 
4Riversides approach to Damp and Mould – Phil and his team will share with us Riversides approach and how they are dealing with the current issues we are all being faced with. Phil Pemberton – Riverside  Lindsay Parker – Riverside  Joanne Scarlett – Riverside 
5FAST LEAN SMART – How dynamic scheduling is helping to drive sustainability in repairs and maintenance delivery, with net-zero and fuel shortages Simon Spriggs – FLS  Chris Welsh – FLS 
6Boxed Light: A unique finance and development proposal for upgrading communal lighting systems in social and sheltered housing. Funding, Design, Delivery and Operation – its all in the Box. Peter Tuch and Mike Button – Boxed Energy 
7Surface Repair Don’t Replace – expanding the lifespan of fixed assets for a faster turn around and cost savings. Jasen Jackiw – Prymo