Dimensions – Tender Pack

Re-defining our repairs service

Dimensions wants to have meaningful conversations with the repairs sector to help us understand how we can best deliver a service that is high quality and embraces and enhances our organisation’s values.

Who are we?

Dimensions is one of the country’s largest not-for-profit organisations supporting people with learning disabilities, autism, behaviours of distress and those with complex health needs.

Dimensions is an organisation driven by our values:

  • Ambition – we seek to help people reach their potential
  • Courage – we are guided by the courage of our convictions to make a difference
  • Integrity – we ensure that what we do is grounded in what we believe
  • Partnership – we work with others to achieve more for people
  • Respect – we recognise that every person’s unique contribution is valuable

We place the people we support and their families at the heart of everything we do. We want every person we support to have a great life, with excellent opportunities and outcomes.

Searching for an innovative solution

As an organisation we are always working to improve standards – our own and across the sector. For example, Dimensions pioneered personalised and person-centred support, showing how it works in practice, and enabling thousands of people to have greater choice and control over their lives. 

We want to do the same in how we organise repairs. There are many small and specialist not for profits with diverse stock; creating a working template for this type of organisation is important. This is not just in terms of finding a delivery solution but in seeking out organisations that share our values and commitment to people. We believe that this is still possible within a commercial model.  

What do we want from our repairs service?

We own 245 sites, in varying sizes from single person supported living services to 20 bed registered care homes, across England. We currently provide services for more than 5000 people, their families and support network. The map below best illustrates the geographic spread of our sites.

In the past we have explored various approaches to the delivery of repairs. However, the geographic spread of our stock together with its lack of local density creates an obvious challenge. It makes a single contractor solution unattractive to the market. 

In response we believe the best way forward is to procure a number of area-based contractors from SMEs and micro businesses to small family run concerns.

We want to test this assumption by having meaningful with the market to explore how we could best organise a consistently high-quality repairs service to our homes. While we believe that a localised delivery model with multiple smaller contractors offers the best solution, we are keen to hear market views. This will shape our procurement and delivery strategy. 

The opportunity?

Dimensions UK owns and manages 245 sites across England from Cleveland through Birmingham to Somerset. We are proposing to procure between seven and nine contractual packages with values ranging from £40,000 to £250,000 a year (please note that these are indicative values; to be confirmed during the procurement process); the contracts will cover the following disciplines:

  1. Re-active Maintenance;
  2. Directly Ordered Works;
  3. Quoted Major Repairs and Planned Maintenance 
  4. Out of Hours Emergency Response;
  5. Cyclical Electrical Hard-Wired Testing and Remedial Works;
  6. Gas Safety Testing/Servicing and Remedial Works;

Our current thinking is that the duration of the contracts will be for three years (with a possible one-year extension) starting in the Spring / Summer of 2024.

If you share our values and focus on delivering the best possible service to our residents and the wider community and want to work in partnership with Dimensions UK; we would very much welcome your feedback.

If you are interested in this opportunity or require any further information please contact amanda.mcduff@justhousinggroup.co.uk.

Download the full tender pack below.