Meet Mark! Steering Group Member

When it comes to a career of engendering collaboration, you need look no further than Mark Coogan. A proven senior strategic, commercial and social housing specialist with an excellent record of achievement throughout his career, Mark has worked both contractor side and for clients, and is currently Head of Repairs and Maintenance at St Leger Homes. Passionate business developer and leader of change.

Having started his housing career in the trade, Mark has a real understanding of how buildings and homes work and is well placed to advise members on how best to implement the Building Safety Act, FRA works, Damp and Mould strategies, and decarbonisation works from a practical and compliance approach.
Mark wants to make a difference to people’s lives by building motivated, empowered delivery teams based on solid structures and communication. He values being generous with his time and expertise and is keen to give something back to sector through his involvement with Direct Works. As Mark says, none of us have the answers all the time, but through collaboration and open and honest communication and knowledge sharing, we can make strides forward.